Uh oh

Getting bit by the game level design again.  Finally spent most of the day yesterday trying to learn GTKradiant after years of avoiding it (not that it was bad or anything; just looked too complex).  It’s actually not that hard at all; threw up this map while learning it.  Tried going back to Qoole (which is still on the interwebs) — very clunky to use.  Wanted to go back to Worldcraft but could not find a version.  I still own both of these cd’s from back in the ’90’s but I guess I won’t be using them again.

Now if I can learn how to make curved surfaces in Q3A, I’ll be happy!

Also fooled around with the new Doom Snapmap editor; very easy to use but takes forever to load (probably longer than the game itself!)

Doom: to Hell and Back


“On the first day of 1993, id Software published a press release announcing Doom. A first-person shooter designed to capitalize on the popularity of the studio’s previous game, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom promised “revolutionary programming and advanced design” for players who stepped into the boots of soldiers pitted against hell’s demons. More than that, id’s enthusiastic young team boasted of 256-color VGA graphics, an engine able to render three-dimensional graphics in real-time, a panoply of textures to diversify surfaces, and cooperative and competitive play for up to four players over local area networks.”

Such a great game(s); I remember when it came out.  I was into space sims at the time (x-wing, tie fighter) and I didn’t pay much attention to it.  Then one Saturday night the local Fox affiliate ran a 1 hour special on it (a 1 hour special on a video game!!) So I decided to see what all the fuss was about.  Couldn’t figure out how to get Doom 1 but I could get Doom 2 so I  bought that.  The rest was history.  Then I discovered Dwango and my life was over!   Still working on finishing the new Doom (looks fantastic on a 4k monitor; how’d we survive 320×240???)

LOL, found my first DM wad X-Fire

Added old photo gallery software

They seriously need to update the documentation; it took me forever to find the admin panel. Hover over the ‘config’ menu and a menu appears (minus the admin panel).  Trick is to actually click on the ‘config’ menu (items should display one way or the other, not both).